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The artist line-up of Live Action 8 gathers some of the most interesting artists from from the global sky of performance art,  from China, Mexico, Argentina, Iraq, Gabon, Germany, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Singapore and Sweden. Led by one of the legends of performance art, Nigel Rolfe, Ireland.

This edition of 2013 is also presenting what in a double signification could be called multi-cultural. Not only through an entirely international program. But also in presenting artists who themselves have migrated from their own native countries. Artists who lives and works as immigrated artists. With everything that this can signify on a personal and professional level. Whether we speak about Yingmei Duan from China and Germany, Hsia-Fei Chang from Taiwan and France, Ali Al-Fatlawi and Wathiq Al-Ameri from Iraq and Switzerland, Nathalie Mba Bikoro from Gabon, France and Germany, Agnes Yit from Malaysia and Singapore, Tomasz Szrama from Poland and Finland, or for that matter Lalo Barrubia from Uruguay and Sweden.

In performance art there are no borders, except those we set for ourselves to limit our own emotions and mind.  At Live Action world culture is one and the same. With an international outlook, we will find ourselves in the world, in Gothenburg as well as in Sichuan. With our without Bertoldt Brecht.


Yingmei DUAN. China/Germany. White Dream. © Yingmei Duan.