LA 8


As one of the leading international performance art festivals in Europe, and in its eigth edition, Live Action continues to showcase some of the most exciting international artists in this experimental and experience intensive art media. We are  pleased to be back at the location where it all started eight years ago, the city’s art centre, Konsthallen, from June 5 to 9 2013.

If Live Action was forced to leave our natural space four years ago, it was only because of the former director’s incomprehension of performance art's experimental, democratic, unframed and immediate form of presentation. It is human and mobile, and can not be controlled or framed like an object, a painting, photography or installation. As such you have to know how to present it. It is also true that the avant-garde historically always have been rejected, neglected and marginalized, until major art institutions accepts its innovations and artistic renewals. Then other institutions follows. With a new interest from major art institutions in New York, London, and other European capitals, in many ways thanks to Marina Abramovic promotion of her work, performance art is today clearly in the spotlight. So if Gothenburg has had its own international event for eigth years, we are neverthelsess very pleased to finally be back in our natural environment.

We are convinced that this years artistic line-up will be appreciated by the auidence and the thousands of people which the festival each year goes out to encounter in the public space of downtown Gothenburg, Kungstorget and Brunnsparken on Friday and Saturday afternoon. As a publically financed event Live Action does not have a box-office, entrance is free, since we believe that art and culture is created for everyone, regardless of financial possibilities to take part and participate. Live Action is free, but only in aspects of money.

Live Action intends to be close to the other, to the citizen, and work for a sustainable society where anyone who wants can participate. But to do so, it is necessary to think, feel, give and express oneself. Something which is never costless. Welcome to an event that goes beyond, where the artists are themselves and live.  Welcome to Live Action 8.