Live Action celebrates its 10th anniversary as one of Europe's essential performance art festivals. We celebrate it with a new, innovative and expansive event design. As well as with the announcement of a new groundbreaking international project which will be realized in conjunction with the 11th edition in early June 2016. Because Live Action is always thinking ahead while avoiding the ordinarity of the spectacular. We cotinue with our generous and free asylum policy where freedom of speech anarchists, feminists, murder threathened and black listed artists, yes artistic dissidents of various kinds are given place

We are conscious that we do it in a time when anti-semitism, racism and nazi leanings thrive, where historical revisionism is accepted, hate-speech is described as freedom of speech, and bullying is seen as pedagogy. The only counter-weapon in such a time is the love and freedom that these extremists hate. A freedom that they invoke, but that they basically despises.

Our 10th anniversary is celebrated with a new event design, presented in the strand Live Time, whose key notion is extended audience time. A concept that we have developed with the intention to simplify the audience's access and ability to assimilate, see and experience today's most avant-garde art form. At the same time, it provides a possibility for us to present one the most exciting formats in performance art : durational works. We know that direct experience of artistic creation fascinate most people. Thus, we have invited an artist to create a work live outdoors for 72 hours at selected sites in Gothenburg’s urban space. Live Time presents five artists in as many weeks and starts on July 30 with finish on 30 August, with each work being realized from Thursday at 2 pm to Sunday at 2 pm.

But if Live Action 10 expresses a vision, it is in continuity. We keep going with the former, albeit changing, festival format at Akademin Valand, Gothenburgs’ Academy of Fine Arts, from September 2 to 6 2015. If we previously featured 18 artists over three evenings, we have for our tenth anniversary reduced the number of artists to ten but extended the time to five days, thus presenting two artists and works per night. The intention is to create a sharpness in the experience, and give the reception more depth.

Of course Live Action continues also with its pillar strand, Common Ground. An example of a true cultural democracy and freedom. Through which we create an encounter between the artists work, our common urban space and the public at large. It will be an exciting encounter which takes place on Friday September 4 at Kungstorget and Saturday September 5 at Brunnsparken.

Live Actions celebrates its tenth year anniversary furthermore with Live Talk, a series of artist presentations in the context of Live Time at Röda Sten and the City Library, with Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen and Joakim Stampe at Röda Sten continuing with Arahmaiani and Xiao Lu at the City Library.

Last but surely not least Live Action 10 presents a two week exhibition, Live Global, at the City Library from August 4 to August 16. The show coincides with the city’s annual and popular celebration, Göteborgs Kulturkalas, and presenting a great number of large format photographs of performance artists from around the world.

Our new event design and format for this 10th anniversary gives us hope of a development of how performance art can be showcased. Where focus, prolonged audience time and a deepening of our understanding lives together. We do hope that you will appreciate it. Welcome !